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Property for Sale / an exciting investment opportunity!

an exciting investment opportunity!

Price: € 1M €


How rare and unusual is this?

A fully managed by a professional Truffle grower Black Truffle orchard.

30 acres of land  planted with  Oak trees impregnated with Tuber Melanosporum , the Perigord black truffle. The land and trees are fenced and irrigated. In total 3600+ or- trees planted.

A full soil structure and chemical analysis was carried out before planting, results displayed.

First truffle's hoped for next year, full production from 2020.

Yields, there are no official figures available however poorly tended Truffières are said to give yields of circa 20 kg per ha. Well managed and irrigated are reputed to yield upto 100kg per ha, even occasionally more!

Winter 2012 wholesale truffle prices exceeded 2000 euros per Kg !

2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 prices in excess of 1000 euro per kg!

The land is leased to a commercial Truffle farmer.

Rent paid 45,000€ per year.

A new shared farming arrangement instead of a fixed yearly rental can be negotiated.



IMPORTANT! The photos are not of the actual plantation!

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