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We are able to supply farmers, investment funds or institutions with accurate valuations for accounting, personal or investment uses.

Over the years we have been involved in hundreds of farm transactions, re-financing and company share takeovers of farming companies.

We can offer extremely accurate valuations and forecasts in:

Land values

Our daily contacts within the Agricultural administration such as the Safer, Chambre d'Agriculture, FNSEA and with France's leading Agricultural specialized Notaire's and Lawyers gives us access to a wealth of information not available to the general public.

Building values

Unless you are buying or own land only you will need to have a value of the farm buildings independantly of the Land , Livestock and Machinery value.

We are able to provide very accurate buildings valuations for investment, sale or insurance purposes.

Lease values

As a rule Leases have no tradeable value although a few well defined exceptions exist.

 Leases do have a great effect on farm values , so it is important to not neglect this issue.

In general leases have no "real" value unless they can be transferred to third parties.

Leases can be sold only under very strict legal conditions, however the conditions and terms of a lease have a big impact on a farms value.

For Livestock and Machinery valuations we use independent experts.

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